Youth Poetry Network

NICK-6230 copyThe Youth Poetry Network was born to form a bridge for the young people between the induction as writers in teen slams and the contemporary world of literature. Secondly it would act as a platform were they could further develop their abilities in a larger community of their peers. Our core focus is to develop and support a culture of poetry and performance within schools. Simultaneously we would like to offer a longer-term creative writing programme that fosters an interest poetry and performance, and provides avenues for further development with link organisations

We aim to transform young peoples relationship to language acting as a gateway through which disadvantaged children can walk through towards a life that works. Through sharing it will give added meaning to the value of their words. We will show them language does not only exist on the page.

We will use ethnic and cultural diversity as creative energy to fuel the way we will transform the National curriculum. We will use the dialect of hip-hop, grime and pop genres to decode the English, literacy and Drama. Our creative approach is geared to assist teachers down with work that they already do and actively enhance their experience of teaching.

We believe that improved education is not just a function of logic. We believe that it also requires enrolling communication. When a young person is equipped with the power to fully express themselves, they are able to transform the world they are living in. The impact of this outcome will greatly enhance their experience of education and the experience of their lives.

We are conscious that people learn through the five senses. We are aware that by accessing young people through their optimum sense for communication learning becomes an experience were they can excel. We will therefore remove boundaries that interfere with this pursuit of excellence.

National Benefit: It’s in this countries interest for the next generation of disadvantaged children to be smart. We at The Youth Poetry Network want to find an opportunity where life Works not just as a good idea but as a way of being. We want students to see the world, as a place were they fit and belong. In this world there words will create world that works for everybody. The Youth Poetry Network will act as a clearing for this conversation.