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Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

Voices from #Africa e-chapbook now live: This collection features poets from Botswana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. In the following works, you will find writers exploring the past, the future, identity and the present. Yes, some these poems also address war, and injustice but not in the same narrative usually offered about Africa. These topics are frequently presented in a way that unjustly paints this vast place as a place in perpetual turmoil. In these poems, we get the voices of people who have borne witness to history and change. We see the poets’ powerful connections and love for their respective places of origin, we see a process of coming to terms with the past, and we see criticism and hope both from those who live on the continent, and those whose lives have taken them away from it. Continue reading

Breaking Ground Tour

Breaking Ground – Black British Writers US Tour

The Breaking Ground tour list consists of five prose writers, five poets. All of the artists present a vast range of themes in their work and many are multi-genre writers, combining poetry and playwriting, for example. We have paid particular attention to balancing gender and age and to presenting both new and established names to audiences.

The ten tour writers are:

Diran Adebayo – Jay Bernard – Bernardine Evaristo – Gabriel Gbadamosi – Colin Grant
Nick Makoha – Karen McCarthy Woolf – Johny Pitts – Roger Robinson – Warsan Shire

(click each name to find out more about the individual writers)

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Breaking Ground US Tour

Breaking Ground – Black British Writers US Tour

Breaking Ground is conceived, curated and organised by Speaking Volumes. We specialise in producing engaging and excellent literary events designed to appeal to a broad audience and introducing unknown international writing to the UK and Europe. We are committed to making the best British literature known around the world.

As a result of ongoing demand from North American contacts, we have planned an ambitious tour of the USA. Focused around the major talent of the UK’s Black British writers, Breaking Ground is an opportunity for some of Britain’s most exciting literary talents to reach the established US book markets and readers. At this moment in the twenty-first century, Breaking Ground represents a thoughtful and imaginative way of presenting a positive Black British experience based on a spirit of collaboration and exchange. Continue reading