Journeys Home

Edited by Salome Nnoromele and Lisa Day-Lindsey –

ISBN: 1592217133

Journeys Home (2009) This is an anthology of Contemporary African Experience. It consists of poems and personal narratives by writers from Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Zimbabwe will make readers laugh, cry, smile, and wonder at the life of the immigrant. This collection reflects the blend and clash of cultures, and the pain and triumphs. Residing in various parts of the world, the United States, Netherlands, Wales, Britain, France, and Qatar, these writers give voice to the deep, but often forgotten salient effects of immigration on the African people who have left their family, community, and land of origin. These texts are their journeys home.

Africa World Press

Trespass – Issue 9

Trespass ‘Americana’ Issue 9: edited by Sara-Mae Tuson


Rap influenced poet Michael Cirelli talks to Trespass Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard writer discusses exploiting rap rhythm’s in his new book.

Hurricane butterfly: How Politics affects Art Kristian Goodchild unravels the effects of political machinations on art.

Kurt Weill in America
Peter Scott-Presland discusses the German composer’s patriotism and America’s effect on Weill’s music.
Poetry Mosaic: Listening to Billie
Naomi Woddis’s innovative poetry pastiche – created especially for Trespass’s Americana issue.

The 50 States Project
Stuart Pilkington gets 50 photographers involved in exploring the American landscape through the lens of personal experience.

Sexuality: The Ultimate Import: Stripping the Illusion Sabrina Mahfouz whips off the nipple tassels and discards the myths behind stripping.

Columns by Simon Munnery and Phil Gardiner.

Photostory: ‘Reflections: Looking at the Man in the Mirror’ by Izaskun Gonzalez and Sarah Maple. Trespass gets two poets and an artist to create their own homage to Michael Jackson. Featuring Heather Taylor, Sarah Maple and Nick Makoha.

Poetry by Emma Decent, Lucy Williamson, Robert Cole, Adele C. Geraghty, Felix Ketro, Michael Cirelli, Mark Statman, Erica Miriam Fabri, Rhett Iseman Trull, Gary A Lenhart, Nick Makoha, Shanta Acharya, Norma Cole and Imogen Featherstone.

Short Fiction by Amber Hsu, Thomas Siddle and John Stiles.

Art by Juliet May and Seth Butler.

Theatre: Extract from Torben Bett’s play Lie of The Land.

Barbershop Chronicles

Edited by Mahogany L. Browne- ISBN: 978-0978969530


The Barbershop Chronicles (2008) is a collection of poems and essays by men. It brims with an honesty rarely shared outside the sanctuary of the Barbershop. Here, the men have gathered their words for a glance at truth. His story is here.

Penmanship Books

Trespass – Issue 3

What is Black?

Death, Murder and Black Magic: Catherine Neilan talks to cover artist Leah Gordon about her work. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Sumaila Umaisha talks to the author of Half of a Yellow Sun. Innua Ellams, artist and poet, talks to a hobo about Diane Abbot, gay suicide and our theme. Introducing Simon Munnery’s new column exclusive to Trespass. Web Trawl: We talk to Persian rapper Reveal about his incendiary lyrics. Sexuality Feature: Sabyn Javeri-Jilliani’s story Behind the Veil, based on a true account of sex beneath the abaye. Exiled Writers: A look at the work of Mahmood Jamal and Shereen Pandit. Photo Story: The Strumpet’s Progress, starring poets Dzifa Benson and Jacob Sam-La Rose. An extract from Sonali Bhattacharyya’s story Falling Over in the Dark. With art from El Anatsui, Mohamed Omer Bushara and Jorge Dias, and poetry by Anthony Joseph, Louise Hercules, Yen Li, Anjan Saha, Nick Makoha, Georgina Banfield and many more . . .

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The Freedom of Paper and Ink

The Freedom of Paper and Ink

Edited by Sundra Lawrence (Salt Publishing 2008)

Annotation:  When a student was asked to comment on what he had learnt from the Write Lines project his response was ‘the freedom of paper and ink’ we have taken his bold statement as the title of this anthology. The fruits of our young writers’ efforts lie in this book. Between these pages you will find rich, thoughtful and funny poems that demand to be read and talked about. These poems are not for display purposes only. Read them aloud, share them with a friend, or have one with your breakfast each morning.

via The Freedom of Paper and Ink.

A Storm Between Fingers

Edited by Peter Kahn, Roger Robinson & Jacob Sam-La Rose – ISBN: 978-1905233137

A full anthology of poetry from members of the Malika’s Kitchen writers’ collective, A Storm Between Fingers (2007)reflects the expansive multi-cultural make-up of Malika’s Kitchen, with poems rendered in variations of English that go far beyond standard English – this is poetry awash with the cadences of multilingual exposure. Featured in the London Libraries Development Agency promotion Limited Edition, a storm between fingers is a cultural landmark, a marker of the shape real poetry will take in the future.

“Malika’s Kitchen is a literary movement whose impact on British poetry will be felt for a long time to come. These are writers committed to their craft, committed to expanding notions of Britishness through an engagement with the realities of British society and with the many strands that have come to shape it.”

Kwame Dawes, Professor of English, University of South Carolina

“often breaking convention… edgy”  – Calabash Magazine

Flippedeye Publishers 

Handmade Fire

Edited by Malika’s Kitchen: ISBN: 1905233108

Handmade Fire is a debut anthology featuring work from members of the Intetnational writing group Malika’s Poetry Kitchen.

Malika says… Malika’s Kitchen was set up in August 2001 inspired by Kwame Dawes’ ‘Afro Style School’ (held by Spread the Word).

Here, Kwame showed a range of poets, who have since gone on to be leading voices in London’s contemporary literary scene, the importance of craft. I wanted to build on this legacy and after reading June Jordan’s ‘Poetry for the People: A Revolutionary Blueprint’ as well as speaking at length to Roger Robinson and Jacob Sam-La Rose, I decided to create the space for writers to develop their craft by writing and learning in a supportive environment.

We wanted to give writers access to their tools and, as a community of writers, gain access to the literary establishment. The ethos of Malika’s Kitchen is that there is always room to improve or develop your craft no matter who you are.

Mouthmark imprints

The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man

by Nick Makoha – ISBN: 978-1905233038

The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man (2005) is the debut chapbook of Nick Makoha, a young poet of Ugandan heritage. Imbued with unique imagery and a lightness of touch, the collection heralds an important new voice.

Nicholas Makoha’s first collection brings to mind shamen in his combination of biblical speak and magical imagery.- Roger Robinson

FlippedEye Publishing 

Velocity: The Best of Apples & Snakes

Edited by Maja Prausnitz –  Black Spring Press

ISBN-10: 0948238283

Velocity is an anthology of previously unpublished work by some of the finest contemporary writers, all of whom have performed for acclaimed spoken word promoters, Apples and Snakes. Published to coincide with the 21st birthday of Apples and Snakes, Velocity runs the gauntlet of literary possibilities, including poetry, short stories, non-fiction, artwork and anecdotes. Edited by Maja Prausnitz for Apples and Snakes. One of the Independent’s “Ten Best Modern Poetry Books” in 2004

Apples & Snakes has made an enormous contribution to the broadening of the audience for poetry whilst providing a much-needed platform for new voices” Linton Kwesi Johnson