Poetry Parnassus interactive map

 Poetry Parnassus interactive map: verse from each olympic nation

From June 26, as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Southbank Centre is hosting a week-long Poetry Parnassus – the largest poetry festival ever staged in the UK, bringing together poets from all the competing Olympic nations. Wend your way through each country’s poems using our interactive map.

Poems extracted from The World Record: International Voices from Poetry Parnassus, edited by Neil Astley and Anna Selby, published by Bloodaxe Books and Southbank Centre at £10 on June 26 2012. Of the featured poets, 145 will be at the week-long Poetry Parnassus as part of Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World.

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The World Record

 The World Record

The World Record: international voices from Southbank Centre’s Poetry Parnassus Edited by Neil Astley and Anna Selby

ISBN-13: 9781852249380

The World Record is an international anthology of work by all poets appearing at Poetry Parnassus, published by Bloodaxe Books with Southbank Centre. The World Record” is an international anthology of work by poets from all the countries taking part in the 2012 London Olympics, featuring a poem from each of the 204 Olympic nations. Poets come together in London for Poetry Parnassus, a week-lon celebratory gathering as part of the finale of the Cultural Olympiad, the Festival of the World and the London 2012 Festival. This visionary festival at London’s Southbank Centre features poets from all participating Olympic nations giving readings, talks and performances. Poetry Parnassus is a monumental poetic happening worthy of the spirit and history of the Olympics. Continue reading

Poetic Journeys – Ten Tour

Poetic Journeys – Ten Tour

SPECIAL EVENT: Celebrate the anthology TEN featuring poets Mir Mahfuz Ali, Rowyda Amin, Nick Makoha, Roger Robinson, Shazea Quraishi and Jan Kofi-Tsekpo. Unified by their diverse backgrounds, they hail from Bangladesh, Ghana, Ireland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago and Uganda. What these poets share is their craft of powerful, moving and exceptional poetry. Hear readings from the anthology TEN and newly commissioned works performed in the galleries in response to the V&A’s collections.

Dj’s on the night Charlie Dark (Blactronica), Rita Ray (Shrine SynchroSystem & BBC World Service) and Max Reinhardt (Srine SynchroSystem & Late Junction BBC Radio 3).

Attend a Q&A hosted by writer and co-editor of the anthology TEN Bernardine Evaristo MBE. Expand your mind through word and image in one of our creative writing and digital workshops and purchase a signed copy of the anthology TEN. In association with Spread The Word, Bloodaxe Books and  The Books Project. Continue reading

Moniza Alvi recomends Ten anthology for Christmas present


A Literary Wish List for Christmas: Twelve writers offer their recommendations for the festive season. Here is Moniza’s

Ten: New Poets Spread the Word, edited by Bernardine Evaristo and Daljit Nagra

Bloodaxe Books, Tarset, 2010, pbk, 128pp, £8.95, 978182248796,

This anthology is the eagerly awaited fruit of Spread the Word’s initiative to support talented poets with black and Asian backgrounds. It can be read, initially, almost at one sitting, and the effect is potent, the poets so individualistic and exciting, their cultural roots and linguistic/poetic influences so diverse. The raw material is often unsettling, raw indeed, its transformation into poetry remarkable. The riches in store include Karen McCarthy Woolf’s flaring, knife-edged poems on the death of ‘Otto McCarthy Woolf, born and died 7 August 2007’, Mir Mahfuz Ali’s revival of the Bengali tradition in his fresh, sensuous poetry of witness, Malika Booker’s astonishing, traumatic ‘Pepper Sauce’, and Seni Seneviratne’s dramatic, perfectly pitched ‘Sitting for the Mistress’ in the voice of the black child servant in a painting by Pierre Mignard. Introductions to the poets by their distinguished mentors are an added attraction of this exceptional book.

The other 11 recommendations are  on the Wasafri webstite 


Ten in Pride Magazine, October 2010 issue

TEN new poets from Spread the Word Edited by Bernardine Evaristo & Daljit Nagra ISBN 978 1 85224 879 6   price £8.95. The TEN anthology has been selected as ‘Read of the Month’ in the October issue of Pride Magazine. TEN tops the column of recommended books. the anthology is ‘a rollercoaster ride through the written word’.
Ten Anthology

Ten New Poets by Bernardine Evaristo – Poetry Book Society

Ten New Poets by Bernardine Evaristo – Poetry Book Society.

“This moving, challenging and inspiring new anthology introduces ten sparkling new talents who demonstrate the richness, energy and confidence of the poetic voice in our multicultural country. It is a joyful and important moment in publishing.”

Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate
Continue reading