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Edited by

Velocity: The Best of Apples & Snakes

Maja Prausnitz –  Black Spring Press

ISBN-10: 0948238283

Velocity is an anthology of previously unpublished work by some of the finest contemporary writers, all of whom have performed for acclaimed spoken word promoters, Apples and Snakes. Published to coincide with the 21st birthday of Apples and Snakes, Velocity runs the gauntlet of literary possibilities, including poetry, short stories, non-fiction, artwork and anecdotes. Edited by Maja Prausnitz for Apples and Snakes. One of the Independent’s “Ten Best Modern Poetry Books” in 2004

Apples & Snakes has made an enormous contribution to the broadening of the audience for poetry whilst providing a much-needed platform for new voices” Linton Kwesi Johnson