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URB04 Festival Finnland

By August 1, 2004News

Nick Makoha and Sophie Woolley perform at the World Express club  on sat 7th August for the URB04 Festival.

URB Urban Festival: Makers of urban culture and art meet at the Kiasma museum and other venues in Helsinki for the URB Urban Festival. Finnish and international acts demonstrate the diversity of youth culture through break-dancing, theatre, film, performances and more. URB 04 celebrated festival’s fifth anniversary.

The festival has brought its own urban energy to the summer of Helsinki and paved the way for new art forms in the streets and institutions. The original idea of URB was to organize space for urban dance, but the festival has evolved into a celebration of all art forms. It has given birth to the new and unexpected, and supported the discourse on urban culture and art.

URB04 program included both domestic and foreign break- and hip hop-based dance performances, films, theatre, urban poetry and free concerts on Kiasma Stage. In addition to Kiasma, Stoa, the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki, was used as a festival venue. subURB project was going on strong with new hip hop dance, theatre, painting and writing workshops. URB04 program: Hip Hop theatre virtuoso Danny Hoch (USA), United Snakes and Flow-Mo, dancer-choreographer Farid Berki (FRA) and Indievidual & Co..’s (FIN/UK); Rubberbandance (CAN), Hoch (USA), Nick Makoha and Sophie Woolley (UK), and Sasha Dees (NL).