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Reading the City-Literature-Arts-British Council-Czech Republic.

Animating Literature was a three year regional project developed by the British Council in eight participating countries from Northern and Central Europe, namely Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

In the first year, the key event was a seminar in Prague in October 2005. The programme concentrated on partnerships with libraries, working with publishers, national policies including reader and young audience development and on extensive reading issues.

In the second year, the project used the theme ’life in an urban environment’, to attract young audiences to reading through book promotion and reader development methods using new media.

In the third year, the project further explored the theme of life in a city and focused more on literacy and reader development issues. In addition each country runs its own programme based on Reading the City materials and ideas.

The Reading the City kit was produced to provide programmers with materials that can be used in reader development projects. The kit includes Reading the City brochure and a short film package.

The brochure provides information on books by contemporary UK writers for adults and teenagers, teenage graphic novels, websites and a wide range of activities that concern reading and reader development and reflect living in an urban environment.

The short film package comprises seven short films on urban themes that range from immigration issues to activities of young people in the streets, rock music, etc.

Reading the City pdf