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Edited by Malika’s Kitchen: ISBN: 1905233108

Handmade Fire is a debut anthology featuring work from members of the Intetnational writing group Malika’s Poetry Kitchen.

Malika says… Malika’s Kitchen was set up in August 2001 inspired by Kwame Dawes’ ‘Afro Style School’ (held by Spread the Word).

Here, Kwame showed a range of poets, who have since gone on to be leading voices in London’s contemporary literary scene, the importance of craft. I wanted to build on this legacy and after reading June Jordan’s ‘Poetry for the People: A Revolutionary Blueprint’ as well as speaking at length to Roger Robinson and Jacob Sam-La Rose, I decided to create the space for writers to develop their craft by writing and learning in a supportive environment.

We wanted to give writers access to their tools and, as a community of writers, gain access to the literary establishment. The ethos of Malika’s Kitchen is that there is always room to improve or develop your craft no matter who you are.

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