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Launch of mouthmark series at Barbican Library

Groundbreaking Pamphlet imprint to be launched at Barbican Library – Press Release: After a year of development, flipped eye publishing limited launches the mouthmark pamphlet series – its new imprint for nurturing emerging talents in poetry towards a full collection – at the Barbican Library. The launch will feature the six pamphlets that have been released by the imprint so far, as well as readings from authors whose pamphlets are forthcoming under the imprint.

The mouthmark series approach is to let poets bring all their quirks and influences – from hip hop to art, basketball to rock – to the page and then spend time in the editing process helping each poet hone their unique voice. Editor of the series, Nii Ayikwei Parkes, says, “when we say it’s literary pointillism on a funked out canvas, we’re not just talking; it’s a philosophy we live by.”  The approach has paid off, with author Jacob Sam-La Rose’s debut pamphlet, Communion, winning the PBS (Poetry Book Society) Choice for Autumn 2006. Communion is notable for a thrilling basketball suite of poems at the centre of the collection; Jacob’s eulogy to youthful days spent on the courts of South London.

With the official launch approaching, Arts Council England, which has supported the imprint since the third pamphlet in the series, is happy with the results. “We congratulate mouthmark. Arts Council England is proud to support mouthmark press who have proved that they are dedicated to excellent new poetry.”

The launch will be held at the Barbican Library on Monday October 23, 2006 at 6.30pm. It is a free event and drinks will be provided. The Barbican Library is at: Barbican Centre Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

Notes to Editors

  • mouthmark was founded in 2005 by Ghanaian writer and former Food Technologist Nii Ayikwei Parkes to serve as a vehicle to nurture emerging poets towards the publication of a full collection of poems.
  • The six pamphlets featured at the launch (in series order are): The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man by Nick Makoha, 13 Fairy Negro Tales by Inua Ellams (over 1200 copies sold), Communion by Jacob Sam-La Rose, Handmade Fire by Malika’s Poetry Kitchen,Party of Black by Truth Thomas, and Speaking in Tongues by Jessica Horn.
  • Communion, by Jacob Sam-La Rose, the third in the mouthmark series won the PBS Pamphlet Choice award, barely a year after the imprint was started.
  • So far, including the collective published as part of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, the mouthmark initiative has resulted in publication for nineteen (19) poets who can trace their origins in ten (10) different countries from Canada to Uganda.

Please direct any enquiries as follows: Press & Publicity: Nii A. Parkes    nii.parkes [at]

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