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Malika’s Kitchen Chicago Exchange

By November 1, 2006News

Anualy Malika’s Kitchen London and Malika’s Kitchen Chicago nominate a writers to travel on a cultural exchange: This year nominee to Chicago is Nick Makoha. MALIKA BOOKER, principal founder of Malika’s Kitchen, is a writer and performer whose work spans literature, education and cross-arts.

PETER KAHN Founder of the Chicago branch of Malika’s Kitchen, PETER KAHN is a former social worker and high school English teacher who is currently the Spoken Word Poetry and Black Literature Educator, and Project Coordinator in a Chicago area district where he works with students ages 10 through 18. He is the founder of one of the largest Spoken Word Clubs in the country and co-founder of the Inner-London Teen Poetry Slam. His poems have been published in The Moonwort Review, X Magazine and Crest. Peter has performed in various venues in London, Leeds, and Chicago, and was a featured speaker at the 2005 National Council of Teachers of English annual convention.