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Edited by Peter Kahn, Roger Robinson & Jacob Sam-La Rose – ISBN: 978-1905233137

A full anthology of poetry from members of the Malika’s Kitchen writers’ collective, A Storm Between Fingers (2007)reflects the expansive multi-cultural make-up of Malika’s Kitchen, with poems rendered in variations of English that go far beyond standard English – this is poetry awash with the cadences of multilingual exposure. Featured in the London Libraries Development Agency promotion Limited Edition, a storm between fingers is a cultural landmark, a marker of the shape real poetry will take in the future.

“Malika’s Kitchen is a literary movement whose impact on British poetry will be felt for a long time to come. These are writers committed to their craft, committed to expanding notions of Britishness through an engagement with the realities of British society and with the many strands that have come to shape it.”

Kwame Dawes, Professor of English, University of South Carolina

“often breaking convention… edgy”  – Calabash Magazine

Flippedeye Publishers