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London Liming: a spoken word party @ Rich Mix

If you are looking for me you can spot me hosting London Liming: a spoken word party. Jump up, wind down & feast your eyes and ears on some of the UK’s best spoken word writers & performers and special guests. Featuring: Patience Agbabi, Metis, Sophie Woolley, Sureshot & Polar Bear. See you where eclectic vibes mix with drink, dance and experience the best in spoken word.

renaissance one presents London Liming: a spoken word lime in London Evoking the scorching sounds and cosmopolitan vibes of the Trinidadian ‘lime’, London Liming offers spoken word, music and DJs under one roof. Soca, Brazilian and dance sounds on tap and an occasion to jump up, wind down, and feast your ears on some of the UK’s best writers and performers.

‘A night out at London liming is a unique experience offering a mix of vibrant music and excellent performances from some of the best writers around. The delicate balance between the readings, performances and music is nicely achieved, there is saying at London Liming that goes ‘If you have legs, then you can dance’.  Chroma Magazine