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London Teen Poetry Slam Championships x Yemisi x TShirt & Jeans

I have seen many attempts in the past to mix a fun night out with a brave dash of ‘cool schoolin’. This is a difficult cocktail to engineer and one, I assure you, few have succeeded in cleverly creating. However, the team behind an increasingly well-known organisation, casually named ‘T-shirt & Jeans’, have created exactly that and with – what appears to be – savvy, startling ease. The successful outfit, that has built its reputation through the creative mediums of poetry, comedy and music, is packed full of an eclectic mix of energetic education and entertainment. Brought about by the creative partnership of our favourite fantastic Yemesi Blake and his collaborator Priscilla Sam, T-shirt & Jeans have successfully attracted a maverick medley of peoples of all ages and places, many of which have never considered attending poetry events prior to the night. As they put it: T-Shirt & Jeans are changing the way that people, both young and old, view their creativity. Whether it be providing a platform for new artists or providing an audience for those artists to entertain, the work of this organization is an effort to provide the missing link.

You’ve got to love that.

Last weeks event at Whitechapel Art Gallery was the London Teen Poetry Slam Champions from Lammas School in Walthamstow, with previews of the show the kids are taking to Chicago. For more info, contact or see the photos here.

Nice. See you at the next one.

via Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: September 2008.