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Fathers’ Story Week is designed to help your school or other setting use fatherhood as a hook for learning activities, and for reaching out to dads and getting them to take part in school life.

The word father carries such a stigma. In a lot of the workshops I have delivered to both children and adults the word father occurs like a four letter word. But if you cut through this emotional field and open the person up their human truth you are left with a residue of possibility. It transforms their relationship they have with themselves. These results express themselves through language. For this reason I made sure my daughter had her own library from the moment she could speak. A full Ikea bookshelf of books. I wanted her to have a vocabulary that would always let her have the freedom to express how she feels. The book we used to love to read to each other was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. To me it was like a manifesto to always give her the best parts of me. I want her four letter word for me to be love. For this reason I whole heartedly support Fathers Story Week. – Nick Makoha

What happens in FSW?

You can create whatever activities work for you. Here are some simple ideas you could try:

  • Invite dads in to read to the children
  • Run a dads’-and-kids’ sports day
  • Hold a Father’s Day assembly and invite all the dads
  • Ask dads to read a favourite story to their child, and get the child to write about it
  • Get the children to draw their dad and write a story for him

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For just £20, the official FSW pack contains everything you need to make Fathers’ Story Week go with a bang, with exciting classroom activities matched to Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage learning and development targets – and whole-school events to help you engage with dads.

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