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Poetry Foundation: Parnassus is Coming

“It will be five days of discovery” –BBC on Three Poets Attending the Poetry Parnassus By Harriet Staff

In preparation for the Poetry Parnassus, the BBC introduces three international poets who all have complex relationships with the countries they represent. Tishani Doshi of India and Nick Makoha of Uganda have lived far from home; Albania’s Luljeta Lleshanaku spent her childhood under house arrest. She says:

I was not allowed to publish, to have a public life. We couldn’t leave the house. I was only allowed to work in a factory or on a co-operative farm. I don’t feel I missed out too much as a writer as I was only 23 when the political system changed in 1991. I was probably not ready to have a serious publication. But I know what it means to grow up without a sense of future. I am a survivor, my people are survivors.

Reflecting on the upcoming event, Doshi looks forward to meeting her colleagues at the Parnassus:

What’s exciting to me about Poetry Parnassus is that we get to hear other voices from other parts of the world. It will be five days of discovery.

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