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Supported by the Arts Council, Small Green Shoots and 4 youth groups in Hackney, Camden, Lambeth and Lewisham. The project will see these 4 youth groups study the Characters and the Stories from the Canterbury Tales and work with lead spoken artist, chosen by Charlie Dark, to modernize these stories and make them relevant today.

Young  people will be engaging with their libraries to gain skills in spoken word, poetry, story telling and characterization. The tales will explore the parallels in human relatedness despite the 600 years that have passed between Chaucer’s original works and today. As a stimulus we invited the young people to the National theatre to watch Debbie Tuckers play ‘Nuts’ of which was the first theatre experience for most of group

The young people will re-work the Canterbury Tales and each youth group will perform a 10 minute piece at the British Library, with their Youth Leaders taking part in the final performance too. The young people will also gain a Bronze Arts Awards. Chaucer FFWD will be showcased on the 16th December at the British Library where the original Canterbury Tale Transcripts are held.
Chaucer FFWD: