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A New Direction

I have been a creative practitioner for Creative Partnerships. By pairing the complementary skills of creative practitioners and teachers, Creative Partnerships helps liberate the creativity of everyone involved, so that fresh and engaging approaches to teaching and learning are developed through collaboration.

The key defining characteristic of project activity is the collaborative partnership between creative professionals, classroom staff and young people and the ways in which this partnership helps to bring the curriculum to life, providing new ways for learners to engage with subjects and to develop increased motivation for learning. Creative Partnerships projects allow time for in-depth planning, co-delivery and reflection.

Creative Partnerships has three strands: 1: change schools whose development is supported  for three years to bring about significant changes in their ethos, ambition and achievement, 2: enquiry schools who work for a year on resolving an identified issue within the school and 3: schools of creativity that engage in an intensive, long-term programme. Schools of to help to shape policy and practice throughout Creative Partnerships.

My main work has been with A New Direction who deliver the Government’s Creative Partnerships programme in London. Their 2010/11 Enquiry Schools programme will be ‘Olympic’ themed, and delivered in collaboration with 14 creative organisations, to 150 schools across London.

A New Direction

Creative Partnerships