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Tate Remixed 2008

It is a digital media collaboration between B3 Media and The Tate. Four spoken-word artists and filmmakers were commissioned to produce a series of short films based on their interpretation of three Tate exhibitions. My poem Vista was used to interpret the Turner prize 2008. I worked along side Stacy Makishi, Francesca Beard and Polarbear. The poems are available online at the Tate website or to download.

The Poem Vista  reflects on how controversy surrounding the Turner Prize is a great thing for stirring artistic debate. I say: “We all have our own point of view, both in art and in general. Our own way of seeing the world can become so entrenched so as to detach us from those around us. But art is something able to connect us all – try as you might, you cannot fail to have an opinion on art. Art can involve everyone, making it cosmopolitan and open for all”. Nick asks us to cast off our blinkers and try to see the world in a new light. The film was directed by Nick Parish and Produced by Andrew Hinton.

See all four Tate Remixed videos below

  1. Vista: Nick Makoha
  2. From a Place of Function: Polarbear
  3. Mean Squares: Francesca Beard
  4. Love Letters to Francis: Stacy Makishi