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Wax Lyrical, a six-week performance project for 16-25s not in education, employment or training. Cathy Weatherald worked with the youth engagement team to promote the project and deliver outreach sessions to youth services and community groups London wide.

At the beginning of October the successful applicants came together as a group for the first time to develop poetry, writing and performance skills. Over the course of the six week programme they also worked with other professional poets on the spoken word circuit, learned elements of music production, and gained experience writing, devising and performing collectively, as well as individually.

The culmination of the project was a powerful and ambitious piece of spoken word theatre – Shadow of the Mind – an immersive experience using spoken word, rap, music and visuals to expose a generation’s thoughts, feelings, passions, beliefs and hopes for the future.

Wax Lyrical are a collective of young artists who have come together from different walks of lives to explore their passions and develop original performance work. Find out more about the project.

Wax Lyrical have been supported by guest tutors: Deanna RodgerZena EdwardsNick MakohaOneness, and Anthony Anaxagorou.