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Bringing Up Boys: @Fathersuperhero talking WOWLDN Are there fundamental differences in how we bring up boys and girls and do we have unhelpful preconceived ideas about how children of each gender should behave? Are gender-segregated products limiting what boys believe they can be? A panel including poet and performer Nick Makoha, journalistYasmin Alibhai-Brown, and Abi Moore of Pink Stinks campaign discuss if we need to rethink how we bring up boys and whether we are teaching our children to grow up with the tools they need to live in a gender equal world.

The WOW weekend is for everybody.  WOW is now in its fourth year, and this time it’s bigger, broader, and broaches a range of new subjects.  This has been an important year for women’s rights.  WOW looks back at key events and considers the future, with more action-focused sessions and ways to campaign, whether you’re a veteran or dipping your toe into feminism for the first time.

Throughout the WOW festival we will be posting comments and discussions from friends of the festival on our blog