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Love Bites: Hosted by writer and broadcaster Yasmeen Khan. Hear from key speakers including activist and journalist Laurie Penny; playwright Shelley Silas; theatre maker Nick Makoha; social and cultural anthropologist Jean Smith; and poets Bridget Minamore and Richard Scott. Short, digestible ponderings on the seven types of Ancient Greek love inspiring Festival of Love.

These are: Ludus (flirtatious love); Eros (sexual love); Pragma (enduring love); Storge (family love); Philautia (self-respect); Philia (‘brotherly’ love); and Agape (love of humanity). Then, like the finest thinkers in Ancient Greece coming together to discuss the nature of love, grab a coffee and help us explore life’s biggest questions. How do we find love and make it last? What does it mean to love ourselves? And how can love really change the world?

The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall