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Fathers’ Story Week: is an annual celebration of the power of dads’ reading with their children. It will next take place on 9 to 15 June 2014 – the week leading up to Father’s Day. It is supported by the Fatherhood Institute

Coronation Street star Charlie Condou, TV presenter Tim Lovejoy, children’s author Peter Bently and playwright/poet Nick Makoha are the stars of four new ‘Celebrity Story Time’ videos made by the Fatherhood Institute to promote the importance of dads reading to their children. The clips, in which each celebrity reads a children’s story to camera, are designed to encourage dads – and their children’s schools, nurseries and early years settings – to get involved in this year’s Fathers’ Story Week, and our Fathers Reading Every Day supported reading programme.

Fathers’ Story Week, which runs from 9-15 June 2014, features resources and ideas for dads and professionals, that can be used throughout the year. Registered users will be alerted as new resources are added.

And watch the other 3 Celebrity Story Time’ videos 1: Tim Lovejoy       2: Peter Bently  3: Charlie Condou