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Stand By Your Woman: – We ask – was 2014 the year of the male feminist?

With HeForShe, the UN Barbershop conference and male politicians wearing ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirts, was 2014 the year of the male feminist? Join a panel including consultant and writer Nikki van der Gaag and Richard Rieser, consultant on disability in education and the media, to discuss men, feminism and why gender equality is not a women’s issue.

Speakers & Artists: 

Nikki van der Gaag  is a feminist, writer, activist, communicator and independent consultant who works on gender in development, with a particular focus on girls and on men and gender equality.

Chris Green is director of White Ribbon Campaign UK, which engages men in speaking out about violence against women and challenging negative gender stereotypes which underpin abuse.

Richard Rieser is a disabled teacher, author, filmmaker, consultant and trainer on equalities and inclusion in education and the media.

David Brockway runs the Great Men Value Women campaign and the Great Men workshop programme. Great Men Value Women is a project from gender equality charity The GREAT Initiative.