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Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

Voices from #Africa e-chapbook now live: This collection features poets from Botswana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. In the following works, you will find writers exploring the past, the future, identity and the present. Yes, some these poems also address war, and injustice but not in the same narrative usually offered about Africa. These topics are frequently presented in a way that unjustly paints this vast place as a place in perpetual turmoil. In these poems, we get the voices of people who have borne witness to history and change. We see the poets’ powerful connections and love for their respective places of origin, we see a process of coming to terms with the past, and we see criticism and hope both from those who live on the continent, and those whose lives have taken them away from it.

Some of these poems attempt to reconcile history and consequence, identity and environment. Some are indicative of a changing Africa, one that struggles with democracy, and the changes that come with growth. These depictions offer a glimpse into a varied yet connected experience. These stories are personal, in the voice of those who have experienced and inherited them.

Much of Africa’s cultural wealth, especially in forms of poetry is still not largely experienced by the world outside the continent. Though names like Kofi Awoonor and Chinua Achebe are recognisable to those familiar with African poetry and literature, contemporary works of young Africans making an impact may not be. What was possible with this collection, and what was important about this endeavour, was the opportunity to give a possibly unfamiliar audience a taste of Africa’s burgeoning voices.

Nick MakohaUgandan Golgotha
Nick MakohaSmoke
Safia ElhilloOthers
Safia ElhilloSelf-portrait in Case of Disappearance
Inua EllamsShort Shorted / Odogbolu 1995
Inua EllamsThe Staunch Slouch
Tjawangwa DemaA Benediction for Climbing Boys
Ejiofor UgwuThe Book of God
Caroline Anande UliwaMoods Aligned
Caroline Anande UliwaThe Whisper
Liyou Libsekal“Revival”
Liyou LibsekalComposer
Ladan OsmanIntroduction through Parables: Marwa
Tjawangwa DemaWhite Noise