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British Council Literature Seminar in Berlin 2018

Writing Gender – Sexuality, Feminism and Masculinity –  2018 will connect a new generation of writers and readers. The 33rd British Council Literature Seminar chaired by renowned writer Professor Bernardine Evaristo MBE.  Authors include: Juno Dawson Kerry Hudson Sabrina Mahfouz Nick Makoha Paul McVeigh , and Monique Roffey

The British Council Literature Seminar offers students, academics, publishers, translators, journalists and literature fans from across Europe the chance to hear the latest writing from the UK and engage with the writers and their work at first hand.  It will bring together an impressive group of contemporary British writers over three days in January for a mixture of readings, discussions and workshops.


“The 2018 seminar will be an exploration of some of the ways in which British writers are exploring gender and sexuality in the twenty-first century. […] As the spectrum and categories of transgender identities and LGBTQ+ sexualities continue to revolutionise how we define ourselves as humans, we will examine how this is being played out in literature. […] We will ask how we can create literature that is complex and nuanced, while also being consciously political. As notions of masculinity and femininity are called into question, subverted, rejected and expanded, we will examine the decisions we make that inform our literature in this regard. […] ”Bernardine Evaristo