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‘An important anthology that spans generations, circles the globe, and embraces all forms of imaginative writing. Uplifting and inspiring’

Caryl Phillips

flipped eye and Speaking Volumes to celebrate the publication of Not Quite Right for Us,

Not Quite Right for Us is published in collaboration with Speaking Volumes, who are also celebrating their 10thanniversary this year. Spanning eight thematic areas (childhood, family, friends, work, travel, love, yesterday/today and today/tomorrow), the anthology features a huge breadth of contributions, from autobiographical essays to a short story translated from Bengali, from fictional email exchanges between authors and editors to extracts from theatrical plays and mythological poems.

In Not Quite Right for Us new and established writers evoke their own experiences of outsiderness—and defiance against it. Contributors include Kerry Hudson, Xiaolu Guo, Aminatta Forna, Colin Grant, Nick Makoha, Byron Vincent, Rishi Dastidar, Johny Pitts and Rafeef Ziadah and a foreword by Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Sharmilla Beezmohun, co-founder of Speaking Volumes and editor of Not Quite Right for Us, will be in conversation with author and contributor to the anthology Colin Grant.

‘Speaking volumes has always had a knack for choosing talented writers and providing them with support, coaching and agency. In this anthology, you can see the stars of the future standing back-to-back with the stars of today’

Roger Robinson