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Nick Makoha & Roger Robinson present a unique show of poetry and music


The Mixtape is a cocktail Poems about music, poems about love, poems of protest and of exile, monologues and duet poems… all tied together through an unforgettable soundtrack of songs, from Afrobeats to hip-hop, from reggae to soul. With enduring friendship at its centre, hear poems which leap back and forth in time, giving voice to the universal struggle to carve out personal and political identities


Nov 30
MixTape TCR Series
London, UK
Feb 2
MixTape Speaky Spokey
Brighton, UK
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Apr 2
MixTape Beyond Words
London, UK
Apr 20
MixTape - Apples & Snakes @ Tate
London, UK
Apr 27
MixTape - African Lit Fest Berlin
Berlin, Germany
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May 3
Mixtape - Northern Poetry Symposium
Gateshead, UK
May 11
Mixtape Workshop Words in the City Festival
Leeds, UK
May 12
Mixtape - Words in the City Festival
Leeds, UK
May 25
Mixtape Live
Liverpool, UK
June 2
Stoke Newington Lit Fest
London, UK
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Jun 17
Keats House
London, UK
Jun 19
The Albany Mixtape Workshop at Deptford Lounge
London, UK
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Jun 23
Last Word Festival, The Albany
London, UK
Jun 30
The Last Word Festival, Roundhouse
London, UK
Jul 2
Ledbury Poetry Festival
Ledbury, UK
Jul 7
Bradford Literature Festival
Bradford, UK
Jul 7
Bradford Literature Festival
Bradford, UK
Sep 07
Ted Hughes Festival
Huddersfield, UK
Oct 7
Mixtape, Winchester Poetry Festival
Winchester, UK
Oct 10
Mixtape, Birmingham Literature Festival
Birmingham, UK
Oct 11
Mixtape, Cheltenham Literature Festival
Cheltenham, UK
Oct 20
Dis Othering – Beyond Afropolitan and Other Labels
Brussels, Belgium
Nov 1
Bang Said the Gun
London, UK
March 16
Oslo, Norway
March 18
Vardafjell School
Haugesund, Norway
March 19
Kopervik School
Haugesund, Norway
March 20
Hilde Visk School
Haugesund, Norway
March 21
Åkrehamn School
Haugesund, Norway