Bernardine Evaristo

December 17, 2012

Poetry Review Launch

Join the Poetry Society at this free event to celebrate the winter issue of Poetry Review. We've readings from Edward Doegar, Sophie Mayer, Richard Scott and Warsan Shire. All are…
March 5, 2012

Ten Tour Southbank

Ten Tour @ Southbank Join me as the Ten tour bus parks itself at the Southbank. Four poets from the anthology TEN new poets from Spread the Word will be reading from…
November 2, 2010

Ten in Pride Magazine

TEN new poets from Spread the Word Edited by Bernardine Evaristo & Daljit Nagra ISBN 978 1 85224 879 6   price £8.95. The TEN anthology has been selected as ‘Read of the Month’…
October 11, 2010

Ten New Poets Spread the Word

Ten Anthology (2010) - ISBN: 978-1-852248-79-6 Edited by Bernardine Evaristo and Daljit Nagra This groundbreaking anthology of ten new poets truly reflects the multicultural make-up of contemporary Britain. At a time when…
September 15, 2010

Ten New Poets by Bernardine Evaristo

Ten New Poets by Bernardine Evaristo - Poetry Book Society. "This moving, challenging and inspiring new anthology introduces ten sparkling new talents who demonstrate the richness, energy and confidence of…