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Roger Robinson

Malika’s Kitchen

Malika’s Kitchen As a former lead member of Malika’s Kitchen’s I have a commitment to developing new poets and writers, and building connections with diverse communities nationally and internationally. As…

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Spoonfed Article

            On Progress: Nick Makoha "My job is not to fight labels" By Naima Kahn There are many ways to measure progress in theatre. Here...
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Whats on Stage

Whats on Stage article by Nick Makoha I was asked to write an article for Whats on Stage on moving from page to stage, from artist to theatremaker. When I set…

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Poetic Journeys Ten Tour

Poetic Journeys – Ten Tour SPECIAL EVENT: Celebrate the anthology TEN featuring poets Mir Mahfuz Ali, Rowyda Amin, Nick Makoha, Roger Robinson, Shazea Quraishi and Jan Kofi-Tsekpo. Unified by their...
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Fathers Poetry workshop

Fathers Poetry workshop in the Guardian I love the three poems Roger Robinson used in his fathers workshop for the Guardian . Fathers and fatherhood have spawned much of our…

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King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound Share Their Favourite Poets, Artists & Producers| self-titled magazine Like his last public appearance as the Bug (2008’s speaker-pummeling London Zoo LP), Kevin Martin’s King Midas Sound...
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Spokefeast 2006

Spokefeast: ‘SPEECHIFY’ SPOKEN SHOWS is part of a two-week festival of Spoken Word performances and workshops culminating in a UK Slam Championship! Established stars, as well as up-and coming new…

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